About Dr Sohère Roked GP

Dr Sohère Roked is a General Practitioner with a specialist interest in Integrative medicine. Her passion is to help empower patients to take control of their healthcare, using a range of tools to achieve this. Read more… xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Men’s Health

Andropause is the term referring to the gradual drop of testosterone which can affect energy and well-being in men. It is sometimes called ‘the male menopause’.  Read more…  xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx  xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Telomere Testing

Having your telomeres tested will give you a measure of your biological age. Based on this Dr Roked can then see what lifestyle changes and supplements are needed. Read more…  xxxxxxxxxxxxx  xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx  xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx   xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

How we can help you

Artery Screening

Within the NHS, the only way to see if your arteries are narrowed and you are at risk of a heart attack is to have an invasive angiogram, and unfortunately you normally have to wait until you have angina first. Read more…

Bio Identical & Body Identical Hormone Therapy

Dr Sohère Roked is one of the UK’s leading experts in bio identical & body identical hormone therapy (BHRT). She is extremely experienced as she has seen thousands of patients and treated them with BHRT in her career. Read more…

Genomic Testing

A simple cheek swab can hold the key to your genetics and how this is affecting your health. This enables analysis of over 100 of the best researched genetic markers that can be impacted by diet and lifestyle. Read more…

Gut Health

Making sure our gut health is optimum is important as it can affect our immune system, mood, weight, energy and digestive health. If your gut isn’t working well, you won’t be able to metabolise what you eat and it will also effect your ability to process hormones. Read more…

Personalised Wellness Programme

Dr Sohère Roked believes that prevention is better than cure and optimizing health should begin before there is illness. Dr Roked can look at various areas to improve your health, wellness and quality of life.. Read more…

Thyroid Health

The symptoms of an underactive thyroid are a low mood, low energy and weight gain. However many other conditions and imbalances in the body can cause these symptoms. Read more…

The Tiredness Cure

Written by Dr Sohère Roked, one of the few GP’s in the UK trained in both conventional and holistic medicine, this empowering guide to overcoming fatigue. Read more…  xxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx   xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

DNA Based Fitness

We are extremely excited to announce a brand new partnership with Knightsbridge’s most exclusive personal trainer Mark Harrop and Omniya’s own leading GP ​and Age-Management Specialist, Dr Sohère Roked. Read more…  xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

The Biological Age Assessment

A unique and comprehensive age profiling now available in the UK. The tests give you your real age: the age your body and brain actually are, rather than simply your chronological age. Read more… xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxx  xxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx