Dr Roked believes that prevention is better than cure and optimizing health should begin before there is illness.

Signs that your health may not be optimal are:

  • Tiredness
  • Poor sleep
  • A decline in memory and concentration
  • Increased muscle aches and pains
  • Weight gain
  • Bloating
  • Changes in mood
  • Low libido
  • Rashes and skin changes

Dr Roked can look at the following areas to improve your health, wellness and quality of life:

Hormones are the foundations to health. If the foundations are not stable, you will not be able to benefit fully from the good nutrition, exercise and other lifestyle changes you are implementing. It is important to look at the adrenal hormones, thyroid and female or male hormones, as well as insulin levels.

The majority of people know what good nutrition should look like but there are subtleties in our bodies and lifestyle that means this can vary from person to person. Dr Roked will help you assess this and design a nutritional plan with you.

We can help assess your fitness and design a realistic exercise plan by arranging vO2max testing to find out your fitness levels and optimal heart rate zones.

To help find out your biological age and current state of health we can arrange a variety of health screening such as arterial screening, a bone density scan, body composition analysis and pelvic ultrasound screening for women. We can also arrange investigations to assess your risk of diabetes and cardiovascular disease.

Stress can be as damaging to our health as smoking. Dr Roked can help you assess your stress levels using methods such as heart rate variability monitoring (HRV) and help guide you in practical ways to manage your stress and make lifestyle changes to improve your health and wellbeing.

A lot of people following a good diet and lead a healthy lifestyle but still do not feel optimum.  It can be of benefit to have your individual vitamin, minerals, amino acids, fatty acids and other nutritional markers looked at in depth to guide what supplements your body needs and make improvements in nutrition.

The gut has a huge role to play in our digestion, detoxification, immune system, general health and even mood. Testing can analyse levels of good bacteria, enzymes, stomach acid and parasites, as well as inflammation and absorption to guide the creation of a gut healing programme for you.

Telomeres are sections of DNA at the end of each chromosome. They act as a cap to the DNA.   The shorter the telomere, the shorter the life span for a cell. Telomere length is associated with a shorter life span.

Age adjusted telomere length is the best method to date to assess biological age. Telomere length can easily be measured with a cheek swab. With the results we can implement lifestyle changes, supplements and nutrition to slow the loss of telomere length and create regeneration that may slow aging and age-related diseases.

The advances in genomics are a new and exciting field that can guide your nutrition, lifestyle and look at risk factors for certain illnesses. The test results will personalize your nutrition, supplements and lifestyle changes to prevent ill health.

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